What tournaments do you provide backing for?

We provide backing for all the kinds of tournaments, in which the player has positive dynamics. We do not limit players’ choice neither in a MTT tournaments format, nor in game room.

If I get in, what limits will I play?

Limits and tournament bracket are stipulated with each player individually, based on player’s poker statistics (Sharkscope, OPR) and hand analysis. Usually players start from those limits, where they have solid positive result. If profit is present both tournament bracket and limits can be increased.

How much money will I get?

You are not limited in profit. The bigger is the amount of the winnings – the bigger is your profit. Your share depends only on the profit you generate; it varies between 30% and 50% of your monthly profit.

What distance do I have to play?

We do not require playing some distance. However, we stipulate tentative distance of the game per month; it helps to understand better financial expectations for both the player and us.

How often do you get payment?

Players get paid monthly, once a month. In particular instances anticipatory payment is possible, for example, if there are big winnings in one tournament.

For what period is the collaboration intended?

The minimum period of collaboration – is one calendar month.

Do you have full or partial backing?

Usually we work with players on term of 100% backing. But we are open to consider option of partial backing.

While collaborating with you, can I play sessions from myself or play for other backers?

No. All the MTT sessions are played from us; it is forbidden to work with other backers at the same time. In particular instances single tournaments can be played from yourself – with our approval.

How do I get backing from you?

You need to apply in this form.

I do not play from my own account; can I play from it from you?

No, it is strictly forbidden. Players can play only from the account, registered on their own passport data.