Our conditions:

We are ready to offer each candidate all the following: full backing with instant BR, flexible playing schedule, coaching and advice of an experienced coach, and also friendly team of players, who are ready to share with you their poker experience.

Profit is shared in accordance with ROI of a played package:

  • -Under 25%, the player receives 30% of the profit;
  • -25-50%, the player receives 35% of the profit;
  • -50-100%, the player receives 40% of the profit;
  • -Over 100%, the player receives 50% of the profit.

We are open to counter offers.

Backing for CIS players is discussed individually.

To become a member of the team, you need to provide to us the following information:

  • 1. Full name
  • 2. Contact information (skype, email, mobile phone number)
  • 3. Links to your social network accounts (vk.com, facebook, instagram, etc.)
  • 4. The number of playing days a month, ABI, tournament bracket, that you would like to play (You can download the form of filling the tournament bracket here)
  • 5. Nicknames in rooms where you play constant games (statistics cannot be hidden)
  • 6. The number of tournaments per day and tentative amount needed for 1 playing session. Also, be ready to provide 50k+ of hands for the latest 6-12 months for the analysis.
  • 7. What poker training you have done, if any. (where and when)

Так же будьте готовы предоставить 50к+ рук за последние 6-12 месяцев для анализа.